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remuneración: 2.850 up to 10.000 pesos weekly + commissions
tipo de empleo: tiempo completo

Tj call center is now hiring our salary base pay is 2.850 up to 10.000 pesos weekly + commissions we also provide paid training as well. We do sales, collections, transfers, student loans, solar panels campaigns. We want deported broke Mexicans struggling and always hungry. We've been helping people for 20 years + you are more than welcome here at TJ CALL CENTER. We got an award for recognising by the city mayor of Tijuana for providing employment to communities of the city of Tijuana. Our reputation speaks for itself we are in real good standings with everyone TJ CALL CENTER is here to help the poor and hungry so schedule your appointment or come to our main office and apply to join us $$$ everyone here banks it $$$$ every week here at TJ CALL CENTER JOBS. Cause for reals it sucks not having pesos broke all time. So all you illegal amigos bring your broke ass to TJ CALL CENTER and look for the boss and tell him your sad story see what he says most likely he will help you unless you are like super soft your ass out. Good luck Buddy and you must be respectful we tolerate no disrespect what so ever. We are also protected by Big Pork and Joker security guards de primera ALGO BIEN.
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